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Foodservice -- Cleaning and Sanitation

Can dry heat be used to sanitized cleaned pizza pans?

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In some restaurants, pans are cleaned and rinse and then put into a 450 degree oven as a means to dry the pan. Some restaurants do this in lieu of sanitizing with hot water or an approved chemical. The only approved sanitization methods are chemical (proper use of chlorine, iodine, and quaternary ammonium) and hot water (171 degrees F if immersed; 180 degrees F if in a dishmachine). Thus dry heat cannot be used. The reason that dry heat is probably not an approved sanitizer is that air does not carry heat as well as moisture. Therefore, it is not as effective of a sanitizer as is hot water or steam. Keep in mind that one is more likely to be burned when exposed to steam than to hot air. Therefore, to be in compliance with the foodservice regulations, one needs to use an approved method.

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