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Canning -- Miscellaneous

Where is the best place to store home canned foods? How long can they be stored?

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The optimal location for home canned foods to be stored is in an area that is cool, dry and as dark as possible. A temperature range of 50 F to 70 F is best. Food stored at temperatures higher than 70 F may lose some of its nourishing qualities. Freezing temperatures can cause the contents of a jar to freeze and expand, which in turn can break the seal or the jar. Be certain the area you select to store your home canned foods is a dry location. Damp locations can cause lids to corrode. Since light hastens oxidation and destroys certain vitamins, a dark storage area is preferred. Light can also cause certain foods to fade in color. Placing filled jars in cupboards or boxes protects them from light. Food that has been properly canned and still has a vacuum seal will keep indefinitely; however, over an extended period of time changes do occur. These changes may affect the flavor, color, texture and nutritional value of the product. For best results, use home canned food within one year. Source: Original FAQ posted at

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