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Canning -- Miscellaneous

Can fruit be safely canned without the addition of sugar?

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Yes, fruit may be canned without sugar. Whether you have a dietary requirement, or a desire to make healthy eating choices, home canning is a simple way to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. To can fruit without sugar, select fully-ripe, firm fruit at its peak flavor. Water or unsweetened fruit juice may be used in place of a sugar syrup. Prepare and process fruit as directed in recipe. Use only the Hot Pack method when canning fruit without sugar. For more detailed information see Canning Basics and Step-by-Step. Non-sugar sweeteners may be used as a replacement for sugar. For best results, add non-sugar sweetener just before serving canned fruit. Spices, herbs and flavoring extracts can also be used to enhance the flavor of fruits being canned without sugar. For flavorful low-sugar recipes, see Recipes. Source: Original FAQ posted at

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