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Canning -- Miscellaneous

What causes jars to break during processing?

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Home canning jars are glass containers and therefore should be handled carefully. It is important to always follow the manufacturer?s instructions when preparing and using home canning jars. It is also important to visually examine jars before use. If jar breakage does occur, check the following points to determine if one of them is the cause: using commercial or old-style home canning jars; using a metal utensil to remove air bubbles; using steel wool or a brush with a wire stem to clean jars; using a metal utensil to remove food for serving; handling and storing jars in such a way to cause scratching on the outside of the jar; placing hot food into a room temperature jar; placing a room temperature jar into boiling water; lifting a jar out of the canner and placing it directly on a cool counter or a wet surface; using a processing method that is not approved for home canning; abusive handling of a glass container. For detailed information about the proper use of home canning jars, see Canning Basics and Step-by-Step. Source: Original FAQ posted at

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