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Canning -- Tomatoes

Is the ratio of acid to non-acid in this salsa recipe acceptable for canning in water bath? 16 cups tomatoes 2-4 celery sticks (optional) 4 sweet onions 8 bell peppers 2 hot peppers, seeded (optional) 1/2-cup cider vinegar 1/2-cup sugar
A consumer has three quart jars of canned tomatoes that were processed for 45 minutes that did not seal. Does she need to reprocess them?
Why do tomatoes or any other fruit or vegetable float in the jar after processing?
Can a consumer reprocess canned some tomatoes that were canned three days ago?
Can tomatoes that were heated, packed in canning jars, and not processed three weeks ago be safely processed today?
How long can salsa that contains no acid be kept in the refrigerator?
A can of tomatoes smelled fermented but was not discolored. Is it safe to eat?
How can I tell if my homegrown tomatoes are low-acid or high acid? What procedure do I use to make sure I can them safely?
Can I can tomatoes and apples in the microwave oven?
How can I remove the acid taste from home canned tomatoes?
Is there a recipe for chili salsa?
Is there a recipe for tomato/tomato paste salsa?
Is there a recipe for Tomato Taco Sauce? Is there a recipe for tomato taco sauce?
Do you have a recipe for tomato salsa?
Do you have a tomato/green chile salsa recipe?
Is there a recipe for tomato salsa?
Is there a recipe for tomatillo green salsa?
Are there any safe substitution guidelines for acidifying tomatoes?
What causes flat-sour spoilage of canned tomatoes?
Is it safe to can tomatotes that have been frost bitten?
Can fruits and tomatoes be canned without first being peeled?
Why won't my homemade ketchup thicken?
What causes the white deposits around the top of canned tomatoes?
Should overripe tomatoes be canned?
Why does home canned tomato juice separate?
What would cause tomato sauce to spoil?
Can cherry tomatoes be canned like other tomatoes?