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Practices -- Cooking

Light is shining through the top of the hinge area of my microwave. Is it safe to use?
Can you safely microwave vegetables in a plastic storage bag?
Why does garlic turn blue-green when cooking with butter and lemon?
Is meat that has been cooked on a low setting in a slow cooker safe to eat?
Can food be heated to kill insects?
Can a consumer prepare soup with raw vegetables with only the hamburger cooked already?
How long and at what temperature do I need to cook a 13.5 pound ham?
Do you have any information on safety and preparation for deep fat frying a turkey?
How do I safely prepare a whole turkey?
How do you cook a wild turkey without frying it?
Can I cook a turkey breast that is wrapped in plastic wrap and then wrapped in foil?
What does muscle structure and cooking have to do with the texture of fish?
Can I safely steam oysters that were harvested 48 days ago?
Why do some cooked foods undergo a color change?
Does cooking meat from a frozen state affect the eating quality?
Why won't tomato sauce thicken?
Is it safe to cook a turkey or other large piece of meat overnight in an oven set at 200 degrees F?
Are there any descriptors for food temperatures?