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Canning -- Pickled and Fermented Foods

Did a consumer need to throw out sauerkraut that was covered with cheesecloth that had flies land on it?
Do you have a recipe for making the sliced pepper pickles?
Can following pickle recipes be kept safe without refrigeration?
Do you have a sauerkraut recipe that is made with something other than salt?
A consumer is making sauerkraut in house that has no air conditioning. It is not bubbling, the brine is cloudy, and it smells like yeast. Is it safe to can?
A consumer has made the Pickled Pepper Recipe from the Ball Blue Book and packed them into quart jars. What is making them soft?
Can I pickle beans, corn, and salt in an ice cream freezer container instead of in a glass or pottery crock?
A consumer put beer in the pickles rather than the vinegar/salt/sugar solution. Are these pickles safe?
A salsa recipe I have calls for 24 cups of tomatoes, 2 cups of vinegar, 1 cup peppers and 1 cup onion. Is this okay? Can I reduce the amount of vinegar?
How can I pickle grape leaves?
What is Lilly lime?
Do you have a recipe for citron pickles?
Do grape leaves prevent softening of pickles?
Is brining a turkey a safe method?
Can the Italian condiment, Giardiniera, be made at home?
Can lemon juice be substituted for vinegar in a pickling recipe?
Should pickled beets be processed in a pressure canner?
How do I make salt pickles (also known as brine cucumbers)?
Do you have instructions for how to make whole sweet pickles?
What is alum?
What is bluestone?
What is lime?
What causes cloudiness in pickles?
Why do pickles turn dark and black?
Why do pickles turn a green color?
Does the type of water used to make pickles affect their firmness?
What makes pickles hollow?
If a canned pickle becomes unsealed during storage, is it safe to eat?
Will pickles spoil if they are packed too tightly in a canning jar?
How much vinegar should be used to make a pickling solution?
What types of containers are appropriate for brining pickles?
Can I make a good batch of pickles without salt?
What causes pickles to shrivel?
How long pickles be processed before putting them into sterilized jars?
What kind of vinegar should I use to make pickles?
Can leftover brining solution be reused?
Should early cabbage be used to make sauerkraut?
Can I use flaked salt for pickling?
Can I use burpless cucumbers for pickling?
Can I ferment pickles in a new plastic garbage can?
When making quick process pickles, can I store any leftover pickling solution for future use?
Why did the liquid in my dill pickles turn pink?
I don't have the type of dill my recipe calls for. How can I substitute what I have?
I have an old recipe that calls for adding a grape leaf to each jar of pickles. Why?
Why did the garlic cloves in my pickles turn green or bluish green?
I accidentally limed my pickles in an aluminum pan. Will they be safe to eat?
I would like to make sweet pickles, but I am diabetic. Can I use an artificial sweetener?
How does one use the product "Pickle Crisp"?