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State the required minimum internal temperature for reheating potentially hazardous food

Potentially hazardous foods that have been properly cooked and properly cooled can be reheated to any temperature as long as they are served immediately. If the reheated food is to be held hot, then it needs to be reheated to 165°F or hotter within two hours. The exception to this rule is when one reheats a commercially processed food, such as a frozen burrito or a can of nacho sauce, immediately after opening the package or can. If the food is being reheated for immediate service then it can be reheated to any temperature. If the food is to be reheated and then held hot, it must be reheated to 135°F. However, if commercially processed foods that have been reheated in-house are then cooled in-house, the next time they are reheated they must be reheated to 165°F within two hours.