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How do you freeze grape juice?
How long can grape juice be frozen if you want to make grape jelly later on?
Can a consumer refreeze leftover turkey?
How do you freeze or dry dill?
Can freshly prepared salsa be frozen?
A consumer pulled the shuck down just far enough to remove some of the silks then placed it in zip-lock bags and put in the freezer. Is this safe?
Can one blanch corn by running it through a regular cycle in the dishwasher?
A consumer wants the recipe for the sour dough starter that uses the instant potatoes. Can this starter be frozen since it has yeast in it?
How can I get rid of the rubber taste of blanched corn?
What is a CAM solution?
Can cheese be frozen?
Can I blanch corn on the cob in the microwave?
What is dry ice?
How do I freeze eggs?
What is a basic measurement of freezer capacity?
What foods can I freeze?
Are frozen foods that are exposed to freon gas still safe to eat?
How long can frozen foods be stored in a freezer?
How much food can be frozen at one time?
What are some foods that do not freeze well?
Can you safely refreeze foods that have thawed?
How do you freeze lobster?
How can frozen grapefruit or oranges be salvaged?
Do cakes freeze well?
Can frozen food be stored in refrigerator-freezer combinations?
Is it necessary to leave headspace in packages to be frozen?
At what temperature should the freezer be maintained?
How long will food remain frozen if the power goes off?
Can food be refrozen if it has thawed?
What is freezer burn?
Does freezing improve the quality of food?
Does freezing kill germs?
How much food can be frozen at one time?
Will food spoil if the freezer temperature is above 0 F?
Will food spoil if it is stays frozen longer than the recommended storage time?
How can you be sure that your freezer is at 0 F or less?
Will it pay to buy a freezer?
Is a chest or upright freezer best?
What kind of packaging materials should be used for freezing?
Can aluminum foil be used as a freezer wrap?
Is wax paper a suitable freezer wrap?
Can bread wrappers be used for freezing?
Can zip-type bags be used for freezing?
Can milk or cottage cheese cartons be used for freezing foods?
Can glass jars be used for freezing?
Is it safe to freeze fruits without sugar?
Can artificial sweeteners be used in place of sugar for freezing fruits?
How do you prevent fruit from turning brown during freezing?
Why are frozen fruits sometimes soft when thawed?
What causes frost or ice crystals to appear on the surface of frozen vegetables such as broccoli?
Are frozen vegetables safe to eat if they are not blanched?
Should frozen vegetables be thawed before cooking?
Is it necessary to thaw meat or fish before cooking?
Can meat and poultry be thawed in the conventional oven?
Why is it important to chill meat or poultry before freezing?
Can stuffed turkey be frozen?