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Canning -- Miscellaneous

Why does one process at 10 pounds pressure in a weighted gauge canner but 11 pounds pressure in a dial gauge canner?
When stacking pints in a pressure cooker, is it necessary to put something between the two rows of canning jars?
Why do you have to pressure can low-acid foods?
Why did canned garlic in vinegar have mold on it?
Can smoked sausages be canned?
Can you can peanuts at home?
What can one do to safely make home prepared herb oils safe, besides refrigerate?
Why did the lid on a jar pop on a jar immediately after the ring band was removed?
Do you need to acidify all home canned tomato products?
A consumer makes her own special sauce that she wants to can for holiday gifts and if so, how long should it be processed?
Do you have any information on how to make homemade baby food?
How much should I tighten the jar lid before processing?
Is it safe to bake and store cakes and breads at home using canning jars?
Do you have any information about acidifying agents that are used in food preservation?
Can aspirin be used to can food?
Does the acidity in food make a different in how they are preserved?
Are canned foods safe to use after a fire?
Are canned foods exposed to flood waters safe to eat?
Are canned foods safe to use after they have been frozen?
Why is steam leaking around the lid of my canner?
Are steam canners recommended for processing home canned foods?
How do you safely dispose of spoiled canned foods?
Can you reprocess jars of food in which the lids have not sealed?
Should I retighten lids on canning jars after processing?
Are buckled and dented canning jar lids that have been properly processed safe to eat?
Should the screw bands be left on jars of food after canning?
Can I process food packed in half-pint jars for a shorter time than I would for pint jars?
What should I do with jars of canned food in which the lids become unsealed?
What should I do if liquid is lost from my jars?
Is open kettle canning still a recommend food processing practice?
Is it safe to can foods in the oven or in the dishwasher?
Can I successfully can pie fillings at home?
What should I do if the canning process is interrupted?
After processing, is it safe to assume that food is safe to eat?
What causes black deposit on the underside of canning jar lids after processing is completed?
Why do air bubbles appear in canned food?
Do you have any instructions about how to process foods at home in metal cans?
Can foods processed at one elevation be safely moved to another elevation?
Can frozen foods be thawed and then processed using one of the two home canning methods?
What causes mold to form on the outside of canning jars during storage?
Is it safe to can milk at home?
What are the "crystals" that I sometimes see in canned seafood?
Can smoked meats and fish be canned safely at home?
When should I remove canning jars from a water bath?
What causes a lid to become corroded or rusted while it is on a jar of home canned food?
What causes buckled lids?
What causes lids to come unsealed or not seal at all?
If home canned foods have frozen during storage, are they safe to eat?
Where is the best place to store home canned foods? How long can they be stored?
Can fruit be safely canned without the addition of sugar?
What causes color changes in home canned foods?
What causes loss of liquid from jars during processing?
How can I determine if the home canning recipes received from friends and family are safe to use?
What type of equipment should I look for if I?m just getting started in home canning?
What causes jars to break during processing?
Why do home canned pickles lose their crunchy texture?
Is there a coversion for using the boiling-water canner instead of a steam- pressure canner when home canning vegetables?
Are there special steps to follow when preparing home canning jars and lids for processing?
What is headspace? Why is it important?
What processing methods are recommended for home canned foods?
Why is it necessary to heat process home canned foods? How do I determine what method to use?
How do I know if a jar of home canned food is spoiled?
Why does food that was hot and fully cooked before packing and sealing in the jar spoil if additional heat processing is not applied?
Why is it necessary to add bottled lemon juice or citric acid to some home canned tomato recipes? Must the lemon juice be bottled lemon juice?
Can vegetables be safely canned without salt?
When making quick process pickles, can I store any leftover pickling solution for future use?
Why did the liquid in my dill pickles turn pink?
I don't have the type of dill my recipe calls for. What can I substitute?
I have an old recipe that calls for adding a grape leaf to each jar of pickles. Why?
Why did the garlic cloves in my pickles turn green or bluish green?
Why are my pickles turning cloudy?
My favorite pickle recipe is from my grandmother and does not call for a boiling water bath process. Do I really need to process pickles?
Are pickles that just have vinegar poured over them safe?
I have been making some wonderful flavored vinegars. Can these homemade vinegars be used to make pickles?
I accidentally limed my pickles in an aluminum pan. Will they be safe to eat?
I would like to make sweet pickles, but I am diabetic. Can I use an artificial sweetener?
Can Splenda be used to preserve food?
How can I become a Master Food Preserver?
Can I sell my home-preserved food?
Can food be re-canned if the lid does not seal?
If canned foods have been frozen during storage, are they safe to eat?
If my recipe doesn't call for processing, do I need to do so?
Do I really need to leave a certain amount of headspace in the jar?
How long will canned food keep?
Is it necessary to sterilize jars before canning?
Is it safe to process food in the oven?
Can two layers of jars be processed in a canner at one time?
Is it necessary to exhaust a pressure canner?
Should liquid lost during processing be replaced?
Is it all right to reuse jar fittings (lids and bands)?
Why is open kettle canning not recommended?
Why do the undersides of metal lids sometimes discolor?
What causes jars to break in a canner?
If I find mold growing inside a jar of canned food, can I just scrape it off and eat the food?
How can I remove scale or hard-water film from canning jars?
What can I process in half-gallon canning jars?
Is it safe to can food without salt?
Is it safe to can fruits without sugar?
Can fruits and vegetables be canned without heating if aspirin is used?
Is it safe to can green beans in a boiling water bath if vinegar is used?
Should all vegetables be precooked before canning?
What causes corn to turn brown during processing?
Why is canning summer squash or zucchini not recommended?
Can I can my own salsa recipe?
Should giblets of chicken be canned in the same jar with chicken?
Is it safe to can meat and poultry without salt?
Why is it necessary to remove as much fat from meats as possible before canning?
Is it safe to can Brunswick stew at home?
Can I can bread or cake in a jar
How do I can oil with herbs? Can I can pesto?
What can I do to make my banana chips taste better?
Where can I buy sodium bisulfite?
What are other uses of a food dehydrator?
Can Kosher salt be used for canning and pickling?
Do I need to adjust my processing method if I live at a higher altitude?