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Canning -- Equipment

A weighted gauge canner made a "fizzing" sound rather than jiggling. Are the beans she canned in it safe?
Can I use vegetable oil to lubricate a canner gasket?
How can one remove ring bands that are too tight?
How does one prevent a pressure canner from exploding?
How were the bailed jars using in canning?
Should the pressure gaskets or sealing rings for canners be lubricated?
Why do I need to sterilize my canning jars before packing them with food?
Is it safe to can food in half-gallon jars?
What causes canning jars to break?
How do I open a pressure canner lid that is sealed or stuck tightly?
Is it safe to use non-standard canning jars to process food at home?
Can canning jars be sterilized in a microwave oven?
Can I reuse my canning jar lids?
How long can the canning jars be kept and used safely?
Can I process foods on top of a ceramic glass cooktop stove?
Can I reuse a commercial canning lid for my home canned foods?
How often does a Presto Canner Tester have to be calibrated?
Can commercial canning lids be reused to can foods at home?