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Foods -- Vegetables

Can one leave cooked collard greens and black-eyed peas out of refrigeration for 24 hours?
How many tomatoes are in a pound?
Do you know why new potatoes would have a musty odor before and after they are cooked?
A consumer bought potatoes that were green. Are they safe to eat?
Why does cauliflower turn dark during cooking?
What is Indian corn?
Is it safe to eat the leaves of vegetables?
Can you make maraschino cherries at home?
What is salsify, viper grass, and oyster plant?
What would cause a raw white potato to become discolored?
Which potato is best for baking or frying?
What is the easiest way to prepare pumpkin pulp?
Are ornamental peppers edible?
What causes a blackened area inside a baked potato?
Why does squash develop a strong bitter taste?
What is corn smut?
How can I ripen a green tomato?
What is a tomatillo and can it be used for canning?
What are the worm-like particles that appear in tomatoes?
What causes some vegetables to become discolored?
Why is a baked potato classified as a potentially hazardous food?
What is the best way to keep pickles crispy and crunchy?
What is blanching?
Is it recommended to blanch vegetables before freezing?
How do you blanch vegetables?
Why is it necessary to cool vegetables after blanching?
Can I blanch in my microwave oven?
Can vegetables be fully cooked before freezing?
Does it matter how long vegetables are blanched?
How can you prevent corn-on-the-cob from tasting "cobby"?
Is it necessary to wash peas and lima beans before shelling?