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Canning -- Vegetables

How can I can Brunswick stew?
How do I can cabbage?
A can of October beans has only half of the beans are in water, the remaining half are out of water and look dry. Are they safe to eat?
Is a jar of green beans that has about 3/8-inch foam at the top safe to eat?
Is it safe to can homemade tomato soup?
How long should I process vegetable soup with ground beef added?
How does one process October beans?
What causes a yellow precipitate in home canned asparagus?
What makes canned green beans turn brown?
Why do beets sometimes lose their color after they are canned?
Why do canned beets sometimes turn black?
Why does canned corn turn dark?
What causes the gray-black particles that sometimes appear in canned corn?
Do I need to add salt to before processing home canned vegetables?
Why do green beans appear to have a blistered surface after they have been canned?
What vegetables expand instead of shrink during processing?