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Foods -- Seafood

What should be done to raw fish before it is eaten raw?
Is it common to find worm-like infestations in scallops?
What would cause a raw fish fillet to turn yellow around the edges?
What are shellfish?
Why isn't seafood inspected? Wouldn't it be safer if it were?
What is ciguatera?
What is scombroid poisoning?
Are the skin diseases and ulcers occasionally found on fish and crustaceans a problem to humans?
What is the best way to evaluate freshness in seafood?
Are the gills of blue crabs poisonous if eaten?
Why should oysters be eaten only in months that have "R's"in their name?
Is it all right to cook dead crabs?
Do fish have parasites?
What is Vibrio vulnificus
Are raw and lightly marinated seafood such as sushi and ceviche safe?
What agency regulates harvesting of molluscan shellfish and what safety measures are used to prevent distribution of shellfish harvested from polluted waters?
What effects have coastal development, industrial expansion, and dumping of raw wastes had on the safety of seafood?
Are puffer fish safe to eat?
What is the most important consideration in safe handling of seafood at home?
What are the best ways to thaw frozen seafood?
If frozen seafood is accidentally thawed in the freezer, is it safe to refreeze it?
How should cooked seafood be stored?
Can acid be added to raw fish to make them safe to eat?