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Canning -- Miscellaneous

What type of equipment should I look for if I?m just getting started in home canning?

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It is always best to use the type of home canning jars and two-piece vacuum caps, boiling-water canner and steam-pressure canners that are described on this site. Ball home canning products and Kerr home canning line have a wide variety of jar sizes and closures to make home canning easy and safe. See Products. Old jars and closures have a nostalgic appeal many people like; however, they are not considered the best type of jars and closures for home canning. Jars requiring a zinc cap and jar rubber or jars requiring a glass lid, wire bail, and jar rubber have not been recommended since 1989. There is no definitive way to determine if a vacuum seal has formed. This is one reason why the two-piece vacuum cap is superior to older style closures. Today there are only two recommended methods for safe processing of home canned foods. When considering the type of canner to use, follow the guidelines in Canning Basics or Step-by-Step. Older style canners may be functional, but they should be checked to determine if they meet today?s standards for processing foods. Particular attention must be given to steam-pressure canners to assure their safety and accuracy. Refer to the manufacturer for more information on the use, safety and accuracy of older steam-pressure canners. Source: Original FAQ posted at

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