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Canning -- Pickled and Fermented Foods

How does one use the product "Pickle Crisp"?

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Pickle Crisp is not used in the same manner as is pickling lime. When using pickling lime, one would soak the cucumbers overnight and then rinse. No soaking is required with Pickle Crisp. Simply add Pickle Crisp directly into each jar of pickles and process according to the instructions outlined in a tested recipe.

Pickle Crisp can be used with any fresh-pack pickle or pickled vegetable recipe. A fresh-pack pickle (or quick process pickle) is an unfermented pickle made within 1-2 days. Fresh-pack pickles are covered with boiling hot vinegar, spices, and seasonings. Sometimes, the product may be brined for several hours and then drained, before being covered with the pickling liquid. This type of pickle has a better flavor if allowed to stand for several weeks after they are sealed in jars. Most of our pickling recipes fall into this category of pickles.

Pickle crisp should NOT be used with brined pickles or fermented pickles (i.e. fermented dill pickles and sauerkraut). This type of pickle goes through a curing process in brine (salt and water) solution for one or more weeks. After the curing process is complete, the pickle is processed in a water bath.

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