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Foods -- General

What causes the blue streaks on the garlic that is in my pickles?
How can a consumer get rid of small beetles destroying flour, cornmeal, spaghetti noodles, etc. in his kitchen cabinet?
What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder?
Why would home churned butter have the consistency of milk with butter added?
How can you tell if baking powder is still good?
Do you have any background about acids used in food preparation?
What is agar?
What causes an odor in urine after eating asparagus?
Do you have any information about sheet gelatin?
What is Harts Horn?
How do you prepare horseradish?
How do you make clear ice?
What is kava?
What does kosher mean in relation to food?
Is it safe to eat kudzu?
What is Mexican vanilla?
What is miso?
Is it safe to eat wild mushrooms?
What is nigari?
Is paraffin safe for human consumption?
How do you prevent a soggy piecrust?
Why won't popcorn pop?
What are rose hips?
What is saltpeter and how is it used?
Do you have any instructions for making soy milk at home?
Are the silver shot decorating balls safe to eat?
What is tahini?
What is tamari?
What is tempeh?
Can I make my own vanilla extract?
What makes vinegar cloudy?
Can I make vinegar at home?
Could vinegar become a low-acid food?
What is white chocolate?
What is cake yeast?
What is dry storage yeast?
What are Epsom salts?
Is it safe to eat cracked coconuts?
Why does chocolate develop a dull bloom on its surface?
What would cause a drink bottle to explode?
How do I safely make sourdough starter mix?