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School HACCP: Catered Meals

Catered meals operations are schools that provide meals with limited on-site food preparation.  No potentially hazardous foods can be cooked on-site in this type of an operation.  Also, all meals prepared off-site must come from a foodservice operator who is permitted by the State of North Carolina.  Like more traditional schools that have commercial kitchens, schools that receive catered meals are also required to have a HACCP plan. Because these types of operations have unique needs, a modified plan has been developed and is to be used. 

BINDER 1: Menu Summary and Recipes

HACCP Plan for Catered Meals


Training of all workers is essential to the successful implementation of a HACCP Plan.  The following curriculum has been designed to teach Child Nutrition Assistants the basics of food safety and sanitation within a four-hour timeframe.  All information is consistent with the standards outlined in your School HACCP Plan.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers specific to Catered Meals