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School HACCP: Commercial Kitchens

Schools that have commercial kitchens prepare and serve meals on-site in large quantities and must meet all of the requirements outlined in the NC Foodservice Rules.  These types of operations must follow the HACCP Plan that is detailed below.   All materials currently posted on this page were updated October 2007 and were distributed on a CD at the Fall 2007 Conference.  The revised HACCP standards must be implemented beginning Fall 2008.  

BINDER 1: Menu Summary and Recipes


NOTE:  All monitoring forms are required unless the school district submits an alternate form with corresponding instructions to the School Meals Initiative (SMI) Team for approval.  The SMI Team will approve alternate forms on a case-by-case basis.  Approval must be received in writing from the SMI Team before the alternate forms can be used.


Training of all workers is essential to the successful implementation of a HACCP Plan.  The following curriculum has been designed to teach Child Nutrition Assistants the basics of food safety and sanitation within a four-hour timeframe.  All information is consistent with the standards outlined in your School HACCP Plan.  

Over sixty (60) Extension Agents in North Carolina, have been trained to use this curriculum.  To schedule a training, please contact the Family and Consumer Sciences Agent in your county (LIST OF AGENTS).



Questions and Answers specific to Commercial Kitchens