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Educator Resources

Food safety educators play a critical role in decreasing the risk and incidence of foodborne illness in the U.S.  Because food safety is so complex, an educator needs to meet a level of competency to assure that they are presenting correct food safety information in a confident and credible manner.  

This section contains resources that will enhance the educators knowledge about food safety.  

  • Courses.  This link contains a Food Microbiology manual for Food Safety educators as well as Evaluation Modules for Food Safety Educators in order to aid them in basic program evaluation.
  • Competencies.  A list of 103 competencies that educators who teach food safety is provided.  The competencies are divided into four groups -- general food safety, food safety for consumers, food safety for  foodservice, and food safety for home entrepreneurs.  For each competency there is a backgrounder that will help begin mastering the competency.
  • FAQ.  A list of 41 knowledge base categories designed to inform educators about important Food Safety topics such as canning, drying, cooking, refrigeration, freezing, packaging, cleaning, and other  general Food Safety information.
  • Links.  A list of additional web links for Food Safety Educators to aid in further application of the Food Safety information provided on this site.