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Program for Child Care Workers

  • Child Care Fact Sheets -- A series of fact sheets that summarize the steps to control outbreaks in daycare facilities.

INSTRUCTOR SLIDE SETS -- Two slide sets and corresponding fact sheets have been prepared to help childcare providers create a safe and healthy environment.  The first slide focuses on general environmental issues and the second focuses specifically on food safety issues


  • Protecting Young Children -- A fact sheet that presents a summary of the general environmental health issues that are specific to the daycare/child care setting.  
  • Food Safety -- A fact sheet that presents a summary of general food safety issues found in the daycare/child care environment.
  • Food Safety Practices -- This checklist should be used by daycare providers to assess the food safety practices that are currently being applied within their operation.
  • Food Safety Knowledge -- This short knowledge instrument should be used at the end of the program to determine if individuals understand the information presented.


  • Food Safety Music -- Parodies of popular songs to make it fun to learn about food safety
  • Child Care Center Rules -- sanitation and food protection rules for facilities that are operating in the State of North Carolina