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SCHOOL HACCP -- South Carolina Schools

By July 1, 2006, USDA required that all schools have in place an effective food safety plan based on process HACCP principles. Schools that did not meet this mandate were in jeopardy of losing their federal funds.  

BINDER 1 -- Menu and Recipe Summary


TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES -- There are five training opportunities available to school foodservice personnel.  Click on the following table for an overview of the training opportunities.  Below is a brief description of the training opportunities.

  • ServSafe: Serving Safe Food.  This class is designed for existing managers to meet the state requirement for food protection certification.  See your State Specialist for more details.
  • SNA Ten-Hour Food Safety Training.  This class is designed for existing managers to meet the 10-hour food safety requirement for district directors, supervisors, and managers.  The class is also approved by the School Nutrition Association (SNA) as it meets their certification requirements (operators applying for SNA certification are eligible to take this class).   A certificate is awarded after passing a 50-item exam with a score of 74% or higher.  The certificate is valid for five years. 
  • Introduction to HACCP.  This class is designed for new managers to provide an overview of the SC School HACCP Plan.  The focus of this class is to describe how the HACCP Plan is organized, how it should be implemented in daily operations, and basic food safety information. This two-hour course is required prior to taking the ServSafe: Serving Safe Food or the SNA Ten-Hour Food Safety Training.
  • Food Safety Training for Operators.  This class is designed for new and existing operators. It can be used as an in-service training for all managers and staff as needed. 
  • New Food Safety Worker Checklist. This checklist is administered to new operators by the Child Nutrition Diurector or their designee.