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Preparing Food for Fun or Profit: An Educational Program for Temporary Foodservice Establishments

A temporary food establishment is a food or drink establishment which operates for 15 days or less, in connection with a fair, carnival, circus, public exhibition, or other similar gathering.  To help these operators prepare safe food, the following training aids have been developed.  All training aids are based on the North Carolina Foodservice Rules.  

  • Instructor's Guide -- a one page overview of how to deliver the curriculum.  The curriculum should be jointly delivered by Extension Agents and Environmental Health Specialists from your local health department.
  • PowerPoint slide set -- this series of 15 slides address the four Fight BAC! messages.  
  • Pretest -- this open-ended pretest should be administered at the beginning of the program to assess current food handling practices.
  • Safety and Sanitation Checklist -- this self-inspection sheet should be given to each participant so they can assess if their temporary food operation meets good safety practices.
  • Program Evaluation -- this open-ended evaluation should be administered at the end of the program to help you to determine what key concepts were learned.
  • Food Safety Music -- Parodies of popular songs to make it fun to learn about food safety
  • NC Regulations for Temporary Food Establishments -- this is an overview of the current regulations for temporary food establishments in NC.  The current regulations were enacted in 2001.
  • Temporary Food Establishment Trends -- coming soon