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Conference for Food Protection (CFP)

The Conference for Food Protection, a non-profit organization comprised of representatives from government, industry, academic, and consumers, addresses food safety issues relevant to the retail food industry. This site includes updates about the role of CFP in influencing foodservice regulations and other Conference-related activities and documents.

Food Safety Training and Education Alliance (FSTEA)

The Food Safety and Training and Education Alliance (FSTEA) is a product of the 1997 National Food Safety Initiative. It is an alliance of regulators, industry professionals, and academics dedicated to improving food safety training and education at the retail level. The site provides links to a wide variety of resources, such as training materials, rules and regulations, and other useful directories.

Federal/State Food Programs, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA provides information on retail food protection, milk safety, and seafood safety. It contains model national codes, FDA interpretative guidance, official procedures, Interstate Milk and Shellfish Shippers lists, food recall information, and foodborne illness information. This Web site provides food safety educators who work with the foodservice industry up-to-date information regarding the Food Code and supplements other World Wide Web and hard copy distribution systems provided by CFSAN to local, state, federal and other programs.

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)

The National Environmental Health Association is a professional organization representing individuals who address environmental issues, such as food safety. This site contains information that would be useful to those working with or in the foodservice industry.

National Restaurant Association (NRA)

The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association is a key trade group dedicated to providing educational support to the foodservice industry. This site provides information about a variety of educational resources available to the foodservice industry, including the widely used ServSafe: Serving Safe Food curriculum.

North Carolina Division of Environmental Health

The Food Program is one of many programs under the auspices of the Division of Environmental Health within the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources. This site contains links to pertinent documents and Web sites of interest to individuals who work with the foodservice industry in the State of North Carolina.

Integrated Food Safety Information Delivery System -- Food Safety Materials in Multiple Languages

The number of ethnic food establishments continues to increase in the U.S. This Web site contains food safety materials based on the 1999 FDA Food Code that are written in English and thirteen other languages. The other languages are: Bosnian, Chinese (simplied), Chinese (traditional), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Laotian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.