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How long does it take before apple juice turns into vinegar?

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Freshly pressed apple juice (not commercially canned) will begin to spoil within about 1-2 weeks. (Freshly pressed apple juice has not been heat treated and so the spoilage organisms have not been killed.) The cooler the storage temperature the longer it will take before the juice begins to spoil (ferment). If the freshly pressed juice is in an enclosed container (no exposure to air) it will begin to form ethanol and so will basically become hard cider (sometimes called Apple Jack). If the freshly pressed juice is exposed to air (the jar is open), it will begin to form vinegar within about one month (again dependent on the holding temperature). If one wants to make vinegar this way, they need to open the jar and cover the mouth with cheesecloth or webbing to prevent fruit flies and other insects from getting into it and storage it at room temperature(between 50-70 degrees F). The vinegar will actually be of a good quality if this process is used. Think of this process as similar to how one makes sauerkraut from fresh cabbage. Commercially canned apple juice can also be used to make vinegar. If the jar is unopened, the juice will have a very long shelflife (12-18 months if not longer). Typically after opening, one stores in the refrigerator to slow spoilage. If one wants to make vinegar from commercially canned juice, open it up, cover the mouth of the jar with cheesecloth or webbing to protect from insects, let sit at room temperature (50-70F), and you will get vinegar within about one month.

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