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Foods -- Meat and Poultry

Why should raw cured meats not be frozen?
Is it okay for mold to grow on a country ham?
Is country-cured ham that is nearly one year safe to eat?
Venison from a freshly killed animal should age in a cool place for 1-2 weeks. Does a cooler with ice qualify as a "cool place?"
What are the ingredients for cured meats?
Why does cooked beef sometimes look raw when it has been cooked?
Why does chicken meat darken around the bones?
How should a ham be stored?
What causes the iridescent color on a ham or cured meat?
What pests cause the most damage to a country ham?
How do I know if smoked meat is partially or fully cooked if it is not stated on the label?
What is the white precipitate in the dripping of a turkey?
Will heating the meat to 160 F before or after I dry jerky guarantee me that I will not get sick?