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Is it safe to drink soda that has been in an opened bottle for over one week?

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Bacteria, yeast, and mold need some protein in order to multiply. Therefore, soda is not a good medium for growth because it contains no protein. Generally, soda is not very tasty after 1-2 days because it loses its carbonation so it loses its quality but it is still safe to consume. Harmful bacteria grow in potentially hazardous foods -- some protein, low acid, and high moisture. Soda has no protein and is high acid when it is carbonated. Mold and yeast will also not grow in it because they need protein as well. The only concern would be if somebody drank directly from the 2-liter container and placed in into the refrigerator. There is a remote possibility that they could have transferred viruses to the soda making it contaminated. Viruses do not grow in food, they simply use food as a vehicle to get from one person to another. However, if soda was simply opened and poured the risk for viral contamination would be very small.

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