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Food Safety Competencies for Educators Teaching Consumers

Consumer Education

  1. Identify the national food safety education campaign messages.
  2. Identify resources to use to promote food safety education messages.


  1. Identify proper storage procedures at home.

Washing Produce

  1. Describe how produce should be washed at home.
  2. Explain why chlorine bleach should not be used to wash produce at home.


  1. Explain how to prevent cross-contamination in the home kitchen.

Temperature Control

  1. State the recommended endpoint cooking temperatures for potentially hazardous food including meat, poultry, eggs, and fish.
  2. Explain methods for properly cooking potentially hazardous food at home.
  3. Explain how to maintain foods at proper temperature after purchasing it.
  4. Explain methods for properly hot-holding potentially hazardous food at home.
  5. Explain methods for properly cooling potentially hazardous food at home.
  6. Explain methods for properly reheating potentially hazardous food at home.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

  1. Identify how to clean and sanitize surfaces in home kitchens.

Disaster Response

  1. Explain how to prepare for a disaster.
  2. Explain procedures for handling food when there is no power.